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GEOMETRIC STEELS is most reliable in the Evolution Roofing

GEOMETRIC STEELS is one of the name, most reliable in the Evolution Roofing product & system. Our products are manufactured at the state of art plant situated at Kurkumbh MIDC near Pune, Maharashtra, India. With all the latest technology and advance machineries, combination of a well-motivated workforce lead by a dedicated management team with the latest equipment’s and pioneering technologies used for accurate and high quality product. The objective of company is to bridge the gap of specific requirement of customer, by providing them affordable excellence.

heat insulation for metal roof

The objective of company is to bridge the gap of specific requirement of customer, by providing them affordable excellence

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GEOMETRIC STEELS does not intend to be a a steel trader but is to be valued for being one of the top firms in industrial roofing and be known for its continual advancement to become a major solution provider for the ever-growing infrastructure requirements across the globe.

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To remain the most respected technology-driven organisation in the Industrial Roofing Segments by providing innovative and cost-effective solutions to the Infrastructure Industry. To become one of the best roof company among all roofing companies in India and world. Customer satisfaction drives all our actions and we strive for continuous improvement in our deliverance. The quality is one thing GEOMETRIC STEELS is proud of. Product innovation, unmatched quality, prompt customer service, timely delivery is some of the hallmarks for which GEOMETRIC STEELS is known today in the Country.



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Saves money

Money saver with profile cover width of 1060 mm the side lap loss is comparatively low. NO bottom support, NO wires mesh required, NO separate transport, NO separate Installation for the insulating layer.

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Time saving

METAhybrid is time saving Fast Installation. no need for any base support, required to rest insulation material. No extra work is necessary except standard application of the thermal roof insulated procedure.

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Light weight

METAhybrid® is Lightweight, easy to lift at high for thermal roof installation.

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Prevents rain impact

METAhybrid® sheets impede rain sound and other noises.

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Enhances corrosion resistance

METAhybrid® enhances corrosion resistance.

Thermal insulation metal roofing sheet METAhybrid®

Metahybrid® is an original. Thermal Insulated metal roofing sheet solution. Today due to global warming people are experiencing trends of inconsistent weather conditions. In such conditions, constructing and maintaining energy efficient, safe, long-lasting, and pleasing structures demand innovative technology, which will enhance the entire building envelope for greatest performance.

heat insulation for metal roof

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