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We in GEOMETRIC STEELS believe that all the actual facts should be known to the customer and base on that customer should take their decision that’s the reason why all the facts display on site are actual and are not copied from internet websites We deliver what we say and we say what we can deliver, GEOMETRIC STEELS believe in transparent transaction. We procure raw material that is durable for roofing industries.

Insulated metal roofing sheet


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insulated metal sheet 1

Saves money

Money saver with profile cover width of 1060 mm the side lap loss is comparatively low. NO bottom support, NO wires mesh required, NO separate transport, NO separate Installation for the insulating layer.

insulated metal sheet 2

Time saving

METAhybrid is time saving Fast Installation. no need for any base support, required to rest insulation material. No extra work is necessary except standard application of the thermal roof insulated procedure.

insulated metal sheet 3

Light weight

METAhybrid® is Lightweight, easy to lift at high for thermal roof installation.

insulated profile sheet 4

Prevents rain impact

METAhybrid® sheets prevents rain impact and other sounds.

insulated profile sheet 5

Enhances corrosion resistance

METAhybrid® enhances corrosion resistance.

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Environment Friendly

METAhybrid® Thermal Insulated metal roof sheets are Environment-Friendly it's Non-toxic/non-carcinogenic

insulated profile sheet 7

No Degradation

No Degradation, Long lasting, increase the service life of sheeting and very effective in warmer climates.

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Reduces condensation

METAhybrid® resists moisture and reduces condensation and it prevents conflict of temperature level difference.

insulated steel sheets 9

Radiant heat barrier

METAhybrid® radiant heat barrier material blocks the inflow of the radiant heat from the roof surface and reduces the temperature inside the shed.

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Low volume high density

Low volume high density more transportable quantity. A thin sheet takes less room than bulk insulation. Hence transportable quantity increase compares to conventional insulation material.

insulated steel sheets 11

No separate storage

METAhybrid® No separate waterproof storage space required nor other security person deployment to take care of insulation material.

insulated steel sheets 12

Easy thermal roof fixing

METAhybrid® is Easy thermal roof fixing. The fitter uses a simple tools use for roof installation.

insulated steel sheets 13

No additional labor charge

No additional labour charges for installing the insulation material and bottom support.

insulated steel sheets 14

No separate transport

No separate transport or unloading cost required for insulating material.

insulated steel sheets 15

Birds and bugs

METAhybrid® possesses a characteristic of not providing space for the nesting, Rodents, birds and bugs.

insulated steel sheets 16

Strength of steel

METAhybrid® strength of steel profile available in 550Mpa Steel with thermal insulated roof properties.

insulated steel sheets 17

Environmental control shed

METAhybrid® product benefits achieve the required temperature advantage in the Environmental control shed.

Thermal insulation metal roofing sheet METAhybrid®

Metahybrid® is a unique Thermal Insulated metal roofing sheets solution. Today due to global warming people are experiencing trends of inconsistent weather conditions. In such conditions, constructing and maintaining energy efficient, safe, long-lasting, and pleasing structures demand innovative technology, which will enhance the entire building envelope for greatest performance.

  • Pharma Industries
  • Chemical Industries
  • Manufacturing industries
  • Animal House
  • Agriculture Farms
  • Factory Building
  • Construction House
  • Poultry Farms
  • School & Colleges
  • Food Industry
  • Warehouse
  • Textile Industries
  • Factory Building
  • Market
  • Resorts, Auditorium, Sport complex, Market, Hotel, Farmhouse, Marriage Hall and other commercial buildings
Thermal insulated roofing sheets
sound proof roofing sheets


The roof of a building is an important part of the building. Defended and insulated against external noise. METAhybrid® Heat insulated metal roofing and cladding sheets technology means that 4 or 5 tenths of metal can be improved by 6 mm of high-density sound insulation, adhering perfectly to the sheet (aluminium, pre-painted steel, etc.). We can have a sound insulated metal roof that decreases the impact of rain, hailstorm, METAhybrid® will not vibrate thus there is no diapason effect. This gives a padded emission quite similar to brick roofs. In fact, to absorb noise, a roofing packet consisting of components with different physical characteristics. Significant noise coming from direct impact (noises transmitted by air), which can be easily transmitted to underlying premises and thus increase discomfort. METAhybrid® mass insulation reduce such effect. The size of a hailstone is generally 0.5 to 2 cm in diameter and the effects it can have when impacting a roof depends on the material used. Brick roofs, for example, are hard but unable to absorb the impact, becoming fragile to later crack and break resulting in leakage. On the other hand, metal roofs are malleable but do not break and, absorb the impact, are dented but do not lose their weatherproof function. The monolithic high density expanded insulating layer, adhering perfectly to the METAhybrid®, participates in absorbing the impact.



Condensation in metal sheds is a very commonly reported problem resulting in the damp atmosphere and rust forming. The inside of the roof runs with water which creates a damp atmosphere that is bad for the items stored in roof sheds. Tools and machinery go rusty, fabric and food items become mildewed. METAhybrid® is most useful in such condition. METAhybrid® Heat insulated metal roofing and cladding sheets in winter preserves thermal insulation and keeping the roof dry sweeping away any condensation phenomenon. Heat filtered through METAhybrid® prevents direct contact between steam and “naked” sheet, limiting condensation appearance. In the composite METAhybrid® Heat insulated metal roofing and cladding sheets system with foam insulation element has different functions. The most important is to limit the condensation effect. The solution to this problem is given by the fact that the layer of foam insulation inside the roof (with a high thermal inertia function) interrupts contact between the inside environment and the external roofing sheet, preventing steam from coming into contact with a cold surface and condensing reducing condensation.

metal sheet with insulation
heat insulated roof sheets


Heat insulated metal roofing and cladding sheets is common knowledge that a metal roof exposed to the sun’s rays gets hot. Thermal insulated roof buildings is an important factor to achieve thermal comfort, thermal roof insulated interrupt the heat flow, heat barrier material blocks the inflow of the radiant heat from the roof surface and reduces temperature and give better thermal resistance. consequently, this insulating layer is able to give a much better result. Constant air circulation removes heat transmitted through the roof. Thermal Insulated layer on the inner surface of roof reduces transmission of heat through sheet helping inside occupant and better level of living comfort.



Impact resistance for metal roof shed helps in reducing vibration caused by industrial activity. If just metal sheets are used on the roof they often come up against difficulties in guaranteeing good walkability resistance. A metal roof must guarantee tradability also over time to allow correct maintenance, necessary to ensure a long life of the roof. Using some “softer” materials often increases the risk of denting which, even if these dents do not undermine the functionality of the roofing system itself, they do create permanent roof flaws. The answer to this important problem is to increase walking surface “consistency”: this can be done by increasing its thickness, of the roofing sheet or coupling it with another material to form one whole system with a specific consistency. METAhybrid® Heat insulated metal roofing and cladding sheets have a system with an intermediate layer of insulation which provides impact resistance and good walkability with the advantage of 295mm valley profile.

Aluminium Thermal insulated roofing sheets
Thermal insulated sheet


It is important in metal structures to isolate the roof sheet from the underlying metal structure. By using METAhybrid® Heat insulated metal roofing and cladding sheets with its protective layer covering the roof sheet at the intrados, the head load that bears on the surface of the roof sheet is reduced by about 25% and attenuates heat bridges noticeably, constituting a barrier to heat dispersion. This phenomenon happens when in the presence of electrolytic solutions, two different metals are in contact with each other and a “potential” difference occurs between them. The conduct of the two metals is that of a battery with one metal acting as an anode and the other as a cathode which, over time, leads to a more or less pronounced dissolution of the anodic part. This type of corrosion is known by the name of “galvanic corrosion”. Any kind of contact between the sheet and the underlying structure can be avoided by applying a Galvanic couples elimination.



when outside temperatures are fluctuating throughout the is important to have good insulating material below roof sheet METAhybrid® Heat insulated metal roofing and cladding sheets with high-density insulating material gives better thermal mass insulation Heat energy is passed through roof sheets from molecule to molecule in a material. In order for the heat to be conducted, there should be physical contact between particles and some temperature minimize this phenomenon METAhybrid® insulation material with aluminium foil act as the barrier to direct heat coming from the rooftop.

Heat insulated sheet
heat insulation for metal roof

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