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Best Thermal Insulated Roofing Sheet for Industrial Shed

Best Thermal Insulated Roofing Sheet for Industrial Shed

Metahybrid and PUF panels are two different types of thermal insulating roofing systems used in industrial roofing. Here are their differences:

Design: Metahybrid panels have a greater advantage with the option of Single Skin and Double Skin with variable thickness with an option of choice to the customer per utilisation while PUF panels have metal skin on both sides with polyurethane foam in the middle.

Strength: Metahybrid panels are stronger than PUF panels due to their thicker foam core, which provides better insulation and structural support.

Insulation: Metahybrid panels have better insulation with long-life service programme properties than PUF panels due to the thicker foam core of XLP cross-link polymer. which reduces heat transfer and energy loss. Metahybrid acts as a circuit breaker for radiant heat that can transfer from the roof sheet.

Fire resistance: Metahybrid panels have better fire resistance properties than PUF panels because they have class 0 insulation.

Thickness: The minimum thickness of Metahybrid is 6mm up to 50mm and is available in Single and Double Skin Roofing Systems. whereas the minimum thickness of the PUF panel is 30mm. Which increases its transportation cost compared to Metahybrid .

Cost: PUF panels are generally more expensive than Metahybrid panels due to their volume design, installation, and high manufacturing costs. .

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Uses: Metahybrid panels are heat-insulated panels commonly used in commercial and industrial Roofing applications, such as warehouses and factories, while PUF panels are more commonly used in cold storage such as partition walls and ceilings.

Installation: PUF panel systems require specialized equipment and trained professionals to install them correctly. The installation process of PUF panels is also more involved and time-consuming, which adds to the cost. Metahybrid can be easily installed by general contractors. The installation process of Metahybrid panels is straightforward and time-efficient, resulting in cost savings.

Conclusion: In conclusion, Metahybrid panels offer a superior choice for a thermal insulated roofing system with a variety of options. With their stronger construction, better insulation properties, and enhanced fire resistance, Metahybrid panels provide effective energy conservation and safety. Additionally, their easier installation process and cost-efficiency make them a practical and advantageous option for commercial and industrial Roofing and cladding applications.

Choose the best insulated roofing sheet for your industrial roof and contact us today. Our expert will help you to make perfect solutions to meet your roofing insulation need.

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