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METAhybrid® Thermal Insulated Single Skin Roofing Sheet

heat insulated roof sheets

METAhybrid® thermal-insulated metal roofing sheets comprise three types of different materials that give the product distinct characteristics, and then merged to create a new kind of heat insulation sheets for profile.

  • A

    The top layer It is the profile sheet of metal that gives strength and durability to steel. Available in PPGI/GL/PPGL/AL with a profile with a width of 1135mm and 1060mm wide cover width.

  • B

    Intermediate Layer: Its special insulation material as per application in thickness of 6mm, 12mm, 19mm and 24 mm insulation.

  • C

    Bottom lying layer: Its Aluminium foil Radiant Barriers

Thermal insulated single skin metal roofing sheets

METAhybrid® Thermal Insulated roofing sheets comprise three different types of materials, each with distinct characteristics and are paired to create a brand new generation of sound and thermally insulated sheets of roofing metal. The purpose of METAhybrid® Thermal Insulated metal roofing sheets is to maintain a comfortable and hygienic indoor climate at low ambient. To make your workplace feel more vibrant, vital and healthy. METAhybrid® thermal insulated Metal roofing sheets Radiant Barriers are easy to install and handle with a sturdy water vapour permeability, which helps in preventing water absorption. METAhybrid® thermal insulated roofing sheets are among the broadest, most energy-efficient wall and roofing materials on the market, with proven applications for industrial/residentialwarehouses/commercialand school/college halls/ public buildings and storage structures for agriculture.

heat insulation for metal roof
thermal insulated roofing sheets
Thermal Insulated metal roofing sheets

Dimensions: Length & Width.: The largest sheet measures 0.50mm Actual 1135mm with a the cover width of 1060mm. spread profile (consisting of four profiles and three valleys) The panels can be lapped, and the cover width is 1060mm after being put in place. With less lap loss and more cover width. We manufacture panels to customer’s exact requirements from 600mm up to 6000 mm in length

Single skin METAhybrid® Insulation Thickness: The insulation/core is available in 6mm, 12mm, 19mm, 24mm, thickness with bottom layer aluminium foil.

  • Environmental Control Shed
  • Pharma Industries
  • Manufacturing Industries
  • Animal House
  • Agriculture Farms
  • Construction House
  • Poultry Farms
  • School & Colleges
  • Textile Industries
  • Resorts, Auditorium, Sport Complex, Market, Hotel, Farmhouse, Marriage Hall And Other Commercial Buildings
heat insulated sheet for roof

Advantages of multi-layer under deck Thermal Insulated profile metal sheets

  • 01

    METAhybrid® is Lightweight, easy to lift at high for thermal roof installation.

  • 02

    METAhybrid® is time saving Fast Installation. No need for any base support, required to rest insulation material. It is not necessary to do any additional work other than the standard thermal roof insulated sheet installation process.

  • 03

    METAhybrid® environment friendly its Non-toxic/non-carcinogenic.

  • 04

    METAhybrid® sheets block rain and other noise.

  • 05

    METAhybrid® is resistant to moisture and prevents condensation. it impedes the conflict of temperature levels.

  • 06

    METAhybrid® blocks the radiating heat that is reflected off the roof and blocks it from entering the shed from being heated.

  • 07

    METAhybrid® enhances corrosion resistance.

  • 08

    METAhybrid® is Easy thermal roofing. The fitter uses simple tools use for roof installation.

  • 09

    METAhybrid® No separate waterproof storage space required nor other security person deployment to take care of insulation material.

  • 10

    METAhybrid® has the characteristic that it does not provide an area for nesting insects, birds and rodents.

  • 11

    METAhybrid® strength of steel profi¬le available in 550Mpa Steel with thermal insulated roof properties.

  • 12

    Money saver with profile cover width of 1060 mm the side lap loss is comparatively low. NO bottom support, NO wires mesh required, NO separate transport, NO separate Installation for the insulating layer.

Single Skin METAhybrid® 0.50 mm TCT Colour Coated Galvainse (PPGI) Colour Coated Galvalume (PPGL) Aluminium (AL) 6mm /12mm /19mm /24mm Aluminum Foil
heat insulation for metal roof

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